Personal Genome Project Study Guide
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Part I: Genetic Material

Part II: Gene Transmission

Part III: Gene Expression

Part IV: Genetic Regulation

Part V: Genetics and Society

Part VI: Project Literacy





Part I: Genetic Material

Lesson 3: DNA's Role in Determining Your Traits
                 Practice Test
Question 1:
All genes have ______
  A.At least one allele
  B.Multiple alleles
Question 2:
The existence of multiple alleles of a particular gene
  A.Always results in mutation of the                 genome
  B.Indicates that multiple phenotypes               may be possible
  C.Indicates a high SNP frequency in               the gene
   D.Increases the penetrance of the               alleles
Question 3:
The higher the penetrance of an allele
  A.The more common it is among               people
  B.The more variation it has in its             sequence
  C.The more likely it is to result in a               variant trait
  D.The more likely it is to result in a             favorable trait
Question 4:
Type in the letter of the most appropriate phrase (on the right) to match the terms below
   1. Trait
   2. Allele
   3. Genotype
   4. Phenotype
   5. SNP
   6. Genetic potential
   7. Penetrance





















a. DNA polymorphism
b. The likelihood of an observable
    effect on a trait
c. Characteristic
d. Gene variant that encodes an     observable difference in     some individuals
e. Theoretically possible outcome     of a particular genotype
f. The set of characteristics in     an individual
g. The set of alleles in an     individual