Personal Genome Project Study Guide
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Part I: Genetic Material

Part II: Gene Transmission

Part III: Gene Expression

Part IV: Genetic Regulation

Part V: Genetics and Society

Part VI: Project Literacy





Part I: Genetic Material

Lesson 2: The Structure of DNA
                 Practice Test
Question 1-11:
Type in the letter of the most appropriate phrase (on the right) to match the terms below
    1.  Double helix
    2.  Gene
    3.  Intergenic region
    4.  Autosomal chromosomes
    5.  X and Y chromosomes
    6.  Base pairs
    7.  Nucleotide
    8.  Genome
    9.  Nucleus
    10. Mitochondria
    11. Protein


Question 12:
      About how many genes are in the
      human genome?
Question 13:
  Does most of the DNA in the
             human genome code for protein?              (Y/N)
Question 14:
  How many chromosomes              does a typical human cell have,              in total?
Question 15:
  Which human chromosome is
             absent in females?  
Question 16:
  What percentage of base pairs are              the same in every person? Provide              your answer with one number after              the decimal point. (Example: 15.9)






a. DNA that encodes a protein
b. Product of gene expression
c. House(s) most of the cell's DNA
d. House(s) a small fraction of the
    cell's DNA
e. All of the cell's DNA
f.  Duplex DNA
g. DNA not involved in coding for    
h. Sex chromosomes
i.  Present as matched pairs in both
    men and women
j.  A base plus backbone structure
k. 3 billion in the human genome